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…strength doesn’t have to mean putting your problems aside or staying silent. Strength is sometimes being brave enough to seek the help that you need.”

Strength doesn’t have to mean putting your problems aside or coping alone.


Making sense of your thoughts and processing complicated feelings can be achieved with the understanding support of a professional. 

The collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client supports personal growth. Relational theory is the focus of the therapy I offer, the emphasis is on achieving empowerment and understanding through interpersonal connection.

A therapeutic relationship with an experienced professional can enable individuals to move forward with their lives and reach greater acceptance of themselves and others. 






Therapy can be brief and goal focused, getting to grips with a particular issue, adjusting our way of thinking, understanding our thought patterns and changing behaviours.  Therapy can be longer term, working in a psychotherapeutic way seeks to gain emotional insight into the self through a process of exploration.


What we learned in our early childhood and our subsequent experiences inform how we behave and conduct our lives in the here and now. Taking time to gain understanding of our thoughts and feelings, closely looking at the beliefs founded in our history can help us make sense of how and why we are experiencing difficulties in the present.

You may be dealing with a traumatic or difficult life event such as a death or relationship breakdown. Whatever your circumstances it is possible to understand your situation better, get support to move forward with your life and see things from a new perspective.

I work with a variety of individuals and a range of presenting issues most commonly anxiety, depression, self esteem, trauma, attachment and relationships. I specialise in working with grief and helping clients manage losses of all kinds.

Strength is sometimes being brave enough to seek the help that you need.


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