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Strong suicidal feelings need urgent attention. 
If you are in crisis, call 999 or visit your local A&E department.
If you are struggling with
your mental health, don't
keep your suffering a secret, reach out for support today.

Choosing private therapy increases access, gives you more choices and means you can go at your own pace. You may be able to access therapy sooner and in a way that is convenient to you. The most important consideration is the potential for a good relationship with your therapist, to sit together, to collaborate and to relate.
Search the BACP directory for help finding and accredited therapist. 

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If you need counselling but private therapy isn't an option for you, try another way...

If you are in work check if your employer provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for its staff. Through this route you can access free short-term counselling. EAP's are separate organisations, independent to your employer and operate confidentially.  Alternatively your GP can refer you for short term

CBT counselling via IAPT in your area.


Organisations, charities and helplines offering immediate support include;,,,,,,,

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