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I work with a variety of individuals and a range of presenting issues most commonly Anxiety, Depression, Self esteem, Trauma. I am very passionate about and specialise in working with grief and helping bereaved clients manage their loss.

Counselling can be brief and goal focused, understanding a particular issue, adjusting thinking patterns and changing behaviors. Working in a psychotherapeutic way is often longer term and works with and seeks to gain emotional insight into the self through a process of exploration.

What we learned in our early childhood and our subsequent experiences inform how we behave and conduct our lives in the here and now. Taking time to gain understanding into our thoughts and feelings and looking at beliefs founded in our history can help us make sense of how and why we are experiencing difficulties in the present. Relational theory focuses on achieving empowerment and growth through interpersonal connection, the collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client supports the process of personal growth, enabling individuals to move forward with their lives and reach greater acceptance of themselves and others.

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